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Missing Lag Bolts
No Foundation
Loss of Energy Around Door
No Insulation in Attic
Improper Studding/Framing
No Strapping
Moisture Under Flat Deck - Black Areas
Ceiling - Plain View
Ceiling - Moisture
Roof Leak
Mice/Rat Heat Trails in Wall
Mold in Wall
Leak in Flat Roof - Black Area
Lack of Insulation (Bottom Half)
Miss-framed Window
Heat Coils in Concrete Slab
Electrical Overloading Breakers
Lack of Insulation in Attic
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About Commercial-Home Infrared Inspections

Over 30 years inspecting homes between Termite/General contracting, SIRI Certified, Creia Candidate, specialist in mold.

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision. We have the newest technology by using a highly advance infrared camera, as we can literally see inside your walls.

We are located in Simi Valley and serve all surrounding areas.

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"I've dealt with Mike on a couple of occasions. He shows up when says, does a thorough inspection, and sends a written report for reference. My clients are quite satisfied with his service.." 
Mark A. June 30, 2015 

"Mike Venarde helped us find a water leak in our home, and was very diligent and helpful. He has also been quite responsive when my clients needed termite/pest inspection; repairs are reasonable and timely."
Lisa S. July 16, 2015

"Very knowledgeable about the structures of the house and the technology he uses to tell you what the causes are. This individual is very professional and is easy to communicate with in terms in getting your questions answered."
King L. June 11, 2015

"I have worked with Mike several times now and you couldn’t ask for anyone more professional. He does very thorough work and uses state of the art infrared technology to do it. In my house, he found a water leak in one of the bathroom walls and found an insulation problem in the master bedroom. He was timely and quite easy to talk when providing several solution to my repair needs. I will use his service again."
Alan K. June 18, 2015

"Outstanding service. Great to work with. Highly recommended."  
Gevorg H. July 16, 2015 

"Mr. Mike Venarde helped me pin-point problem areas in my home. I had mold coming through walls. With his high-tech equipment, he was able to determine exactly where I had slow water leaks which were cause for mold problem over time. He also was able to determine if mold was toxic or non-toxic. I was very pleased with his service and professionalism. He was prompt, going above and beyond to get done in a timely fashion. I was very pleased with his overall workmanship. I highly recommend Mike Venarde for any Commercial-Home Infrared Inspections."  
Isaac S. June 25, 2015 

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